Welcome to the wild and wacky world of “Dumb Bunny & Jackass”! This uproarious cartoon series, crafted by the master animator Bill Kopp of “Eek! The Cat” fame, has been brewing in his imagination since 2005 and is brought to life using Adobe’s Character Animator. The episode “Ghost-A-Go-Go” won the 2023 Silver Award at the Los Angeles Animation Festival!

Follow the riotous escapades of Dumb Bunny and his loyal sidekick Jackass, both hilariously voiced by the talented Bill Kopp. These mismatched pals reside in a ramshackle shack within a bustling metropolis, constantly battling against their heartless billionaire landlady, Rachel Slur, in a perpetual struggle to pay exorbitant rent. But their misadventures don’t stop there. 

Joining the chaos are colorful characters like the next-door neighbor Pinchy Pig, the town’s resident inebriate Tequila Mockingbird, and surprise guests from far-flung locales such as Outer Space, Pixieland, and even the lush forests of Van Nuys, California (where Bigfoot makes an appearance)!

As the cynical yet sarcastically witty Bunny and the eternally optimistic but somewhat dim-witted Jackass stumble through life, their zany schemes to make ends meet often land them in uproariously disastrous situations. Yet, amidst the chaos, one of them always manages to find a glimmer of hope, leading to hilariously heartwarming conclusions where they triumphantly tackle (almost) any challenge together.

Prepare for a rollercoaster of flawed yet endearing characters, rib-tickling misadventures, and heartwarming camaraderie as Dumb Bunny & Jackass stumble, fumble, and triumph in their own uproarious way! Guest appearances by talents like Martin Olson from “Adventure Time” and Eric Bauza from “Looney Tunes” add an extra dash of comedic magic to this animated riot!

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